‚ÄčLone Star Jolyon, approximately one month old.


Lone Star Farm | Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

   Lone Star Rebecca's lambs being called to dinner.

Lone Star Dante

Here at Lone Star Farm, we are all about commitment.  We are committed to the Barbados Blackbelly as a breed, we are committed to breeding excellent quality sheep, we are committed to helping our buyers be successful in raising quality sheep, and above all we are committed to integrity.  What you glean from these pages is intended to help you in your endeavors to raise quality Barbados Blackbelly Sheep.

When we were newcomers to this breed, we were helped by dedicated breeders preserving the genetics of the Barbados Blackbelly and we would like to pass that forward to you, along with our total commitment to quality and a sense of responsibility for the conservation and preservation of this breed.  However, considering that this breed is listed among the endangered species of Heritage breeds, we believe people who continue to breed Barbados Blackbelly rams to ewes without giving any thought to what they will produce for future generations, are not worthy to be called conservationists.

We have a breed standard that has been written and revered by those wanting to keep this breed safe from a downhill slide toward extinction.  It is published by the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International and must be taken into consideration each time these sheep are bred.  As breeders, if we are not progressing, then we are either stagnating or regressing.  Populating the earth with sheep bred by watering down the official breed standard isn't going to leave us much to choose from for breeding stock after the dust settles, and it benefits no one.  We must preserve today the qualities we want for tomorrow before they are totally lost and we find we have nothing to choose from for breeding stock.

At Lone Star Farm, we are committed to being the best stewards we can be of the genetics of the original  Barbados Blackbelly that was imported from Barbados.  We would like to help you do the same by providing some of the finest quality breeding stock, with pedigrees to match, that you will find anywhere in the United States today.  We have worked hard to be successful at preserving and conserving this breed.  We will answer honestly any questions about our sheep.

Our motto is:  We are interested in preserving an endangered and unique breed, not just promoting our own sheep.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions you may have.

Lone Star Bacardi putting her lambs down for a nap.


What we stand for is what we do.