Lone Star Bacardi welcoming her newborn into the world.

Lone Star Farm | Barbados Blackbelly Sheep


From The Heart

We are dedicated to this breed and the breeders who are trying to save them.

I'd like to tell you about a telephone call I received, that took me back several years to when Mike and I first became involved with the BBs, that compelled me to write this page.

The call was from a gentleman wanting to buy a starter flock.  He was so excited about being involved in helping to protect and preserve a rare and endangered breed.  He had read every page of our website even though time allotted for doing so stretched into a week.  The word he used to describe his eagerness to learn more and more about these sheep was "addicting".  I could feel his exuberance about being a part of something bigger than himself.  It renewed a desire within me that has been a bit lukewarm lately.  Not to say that my interest has waned, because I have remained steadfast in my desire to keep up this website and to help Mike care for the flock that we both love.  However, through the years, the disappointments can take their toll.  It was refreshing to talk to someone so interested in learning about this breed.  It brought to mind the fact that I hope I have conveyed to our buyers what is in our hearts.  When you buy sheep from us, we want you to be happy with them.  We are trying to do our very best in breeding good, sound, quality stock that will make you proud to own them.  If for some reason you are not happy with your sheep, then we haven't done our job, and we want to hear from you.  Besides providing you with quality sheep, we want to help educate you about this breed.  We want you to recognize the importance of what you are doing by raising these sheep.  Without the help of dedicated breeders, they could have become extinct.  They are making a comeback as more and more responsible people get involved in raising them.  When Mike and I started raising BBs, there were approximately 200 of them in the United States.  As of last year, there are now roughly 3000 of them registered.

We want you to be successful raising quality Barbados Blackbellies and we want you to enjoy them while you are doing it.  Even if you are not breeding them, if your venue happens to be using a group of wethers to train your dog to herd, or to fine tune your cutting horse, or maybe you just have them as pets, are using them for an agricultural tax exemption, or perhaps you love the delicious, mild flavor of their meat, we want you to know that you are contributing to something special.  If there is anything we can do, or any question we can answer to make caring for your sheep more fun and rewarding, please contact us. We are here to help and we enjoy talking with others who share our love of this unique and fascinating breed.