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Welcome to our website. We breed quality registered Barbados Blackbelly sheep. Barbados Blackbellies are a polled hair sheep, meaning they have no horns and they have hair instead of wool.  They are a meat sheep prized for the mild sweet flavor of their lean meat. We occasionally sell market lambs for slaughter, but most of our sheep are sold as breeding stock, either individually or as starter flocks.  Being dedicated to excellence in our approach to preserving this breed, we specialize in breeding according to the "ideal" of the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International breed standard.  We concentrate on eliminating hornbuds and scurs from this breed, along with white markings that are in the gene pool. We breed to the standard of perfection be it physical traits or temperament and as of this writing, I believe we are the only breeders who guarantee their sheep. If you are interested in learning more about this breed, please contact us.  We live in Hockley, Texas, approximately an hour northwest of Houston.  If you would like to visit our farm to see our sheep, please call or email us to make an appointment and get directions to the farm.  Mike and I are both retired, so we are here most of the time taking care of the sheep. We love to talk about Blackbellies and we would really enjoy meeting you. 

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This is a rare and endangered species, so we encourage our buyers to register their sheep.





Latest Update:  08-19-2017


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Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

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