What started out as a hobby, that we hoped would grow into a business, has instead become our passion.  We sincerely hope that you may find the same enjoyment caring for your flock, as we have in caring for ours.

Lambs playing "King of the Mountain".

#10 Promise

About Us

‚ÄčMike was on the Board of the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association Int'l, I have an associates degree in Animal Technology.

We started looking for some livestock to raise that would help keep the mowing to a minimum.   "Please, Lord, let them eat yaupon."  We found ourselves at a gentleman's farm in a neighboring county buying what are now known as American Blackbelly sheep.  Back then, the horned and hornless were both called Barbados Blackbelly.

Animal husbandry is in our blood.  We have successfully bred champions and performance dogs of several different breeds, training them and showing them to their titles.  We've bred rare and exotic birds, Rex cats, and we have been involved in raising one type or another of livestock for a good portion of our lives.  Cows, horses, goats, llamas included, the most recent adventures being the American Blackbelly then the Barbados Blackbelly, since 1996.  Our commitment has gone as far as educating ourselves about each animal and fowl we have been engaged with, including earning an Associates Degree in Animal Technology at Texas A&M University, myself, and Mike serving on the Board of Directors of the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International (BBSAI) for two years.  I also helped edit the Lamb Lovers Cookbook devoted entirely to lamb recipes, as well as serving on various committees of the BBSAI, including the Breed Standard Committee.  We feel that we have something to offer this rare breed.  We also realize that anytime one ventures out into new territory, which we occasionally do in our efforts to breed the best, there is going to be opposition.  We believe that is to be expected.  It serves to keep us dedicated and committed to what we are trying to accomplish in our breeding program.

Lone Star Farm | Barbados Blackbelly Sheep


My husband, Mike, and I moved to the country and started living the good life in 1996.  It didn't take long for my love of mowing to turn into quite a chore after caring for our five acre mini-farm through a hot Texas summer.  Yaupon was my biggest bane.  It is a noxious shrub that, if left to what nature intended, can barely be uprooted short of using a bulldozer, preferably one that throws fire. 

Something we have enjoyed since we have been raising sheep is watching sheep behavior.  Jesus often referred to us as sheep in the Bible.  We wanted to find out firsthand, why?  We found out what He meant, and that He truly loves His sheep, as we do.  He is a very caring shepherd and through His teachings, we have learned many practical ways to care for and understand the needs of our animals better.  During our experience of raising our sheep, we've grown in our own relationships with Christ learning more each day about how to be good shepherds.