Lone Star Olene

Sire:     Lone Star Otis

Dam:    Lone Star Hot Lips

d.o.b.:  10-10-16

Codon 171:  QR

Lone Star Lindy

Sire:    Lone Star Legend

Dam:   Lone Star Gorgeous

d.o.b.:  10-12-16

Codon 171:  QR

Lone Star Ingrid

Sire:     Lone Star Ivan the Red

Dam:   Lone Star Gorgeous

d.o.b.: 11-04-15

Codon 171:  QR

Lone Star Gorgeous

Sire:    Lone Star Gideon

Dam:  Lone Star ShowMeAGoodTime

d.o.b.: 08-21-12

Codon 171:  RR

3 Ravens EZ Does It

Sire:  Lone Star Ezra

Dam:  3 Ravens Alice

d.o.b.:  03-02-14

Codon 171:  QR

Lone Star Olga

Sire:   Lone Star Otis

Dam:  Lone Star Hot Lips

d.o.b.:  10-05-15

Codon 171:  RR

Lone Star Nita

Sire:  Lone Star Night Train

Dam:  3 Ravens EZ Come

d.o.b.:  10-11-16

Codon 171:  QR

Lone Star Lyric

Sire:    Lone Star Legend

Dam:   Lone Star Ginger

d.o.b.:  09-28-15

Codon 171:  QR   

Lone Star Nougat

Sire:     Lone Star Night Train

Dam:   Lone Star Shenanigan

d.o.b.:  09-30-16

Codon 171:  RR

Lone Star London

Sire:      Lone Star Legend

Dam:    Lone Star ShowMeAGoodTime

d.o.b.:  10-12-16                                            Codon 171:  RR                                                                                                       

We are aware of how difficult it can be to obtain good breeding stock to start out with.  The Barbados Blackbelly can be hard to find and sometimes you are limited to how many you are allowed to purchase.  Breeders limit the number of ewes one can purchase to be sure everyone who is interested in the breed gets a chance to own enough to start a flock.  On occasion, we will share some of our best producers to give newcomers a bit of a head start when it comes to starting their flock. In fact, we just recently sold some of our old timers to a retirement farm so they can live out their lives in luxury at a friend's vineyard.  They deserve at least that after years of producing lambs for our family's dinner table and producing quality stock for future generations of pure Barbados Blackbellies.

We encourage buyers to register their stock in order for the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International (BBSAI) to keep track of how many are actually in the United States.  Right now there are approximately 2000 sheep registered in the U.S.

Below are photos of some of our ewes and their lineage.  Some are listed, not because they are beautiful now, since most have lost their girlish figures over the years , but because they have served Lone Star farm for many years having lambs and we feel they deserve some kind of tribute.  The least we can do is feature them on our website.  More photos will follow as time allows to photograph these busy girls.


3 Ravens EZ Come

Sire:  Lone Star Ezra

Dam:  Lone Star Harmony

d.o.b.:  03-08-14

Codon 171:  QQ

Lone Star Loralei

Sire:   Lone Star Legend

Dam: Lone Star Giddyup

d.o.b.:  10-01-16

Codon 171:  QR

Lone Star Nadine

Sire:    Lone Star Night Train

Dam:   3 Ravens EZ Does It

d.o.b.:  09-18-17

Codon 171:  RR


Ewe Photos

​Different styles, but all meet the standard.

Lone Star Tessa

Sire:  Lone Star Turk

Dam:  Lone Star Olene

d.o.b.: 01-16-18

Codon:  RR

Lone Star Natalie

Sire:  Lone Star Night Train

Dam:  Lone Star Rebecca

d.o.b.: 10-02-14

Codon 171:  QR

3 Ravens EZ Street

Sire:     Lone Star Ezra

Dam:   Lone Star Helen

d.o.b.:  03-06-14

Codon 171:  RR

Lone Star Farm|Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Lone Star DressToThe 9's

Sire:   Lone Star Drago

Dam:  Lone Star Gilda

d.o.b.: 04-07-12

Codon 171:  QR                                                                                          

Lone Star Harmony

Sire:    Bellwether Horatio

Dam:  Bellwether Imogene

d.o.b. 12-21-08

Codon 171& 136: QQ/AA   

This old girl has produced lots of beautiful lambs and she's due again in February.

Lone Star Confetti

Sire:  Lone Star Chip

Dam:  3 Ravens EZ Street

d.o.b.:  09-23-17

Codon:  RR

Lone Star Largo

Sire:     Lone Star Legend

Dam:    Lone Star Deluxe

d.o.b.:  10-11-16

Codon 171:QQ  

Lone Star Elvira (W)

Sire:    Lone Star Einstein

Dam:   Hillin Farm Amy

d.o.b.:  10-01-15

Codon 171:  QR