Grass Fed Lamb

​Grass fed lamb is healthier, but I prefer corn fed myself.

Though most of our sheep are sold as breeding stock, we do have grass fed lambs for sale occasionally (on the hoof) for butchering.  Our sheep graze on native grasses grown in abundance when there is no drought with which to contend. Our climate is subtropical which makes rich sweet grasses seem to pop up out of nowhere even with only a minimal amount of rain.  We do not use fertilizer or any chemical-type improvements on our pastures, letting nature take its course as the sheep graze and replenish the ground with what it needs the natural way.  When necessary, they are fed native grassland hay from this region and are given whole oats when they are pregnant or nursing lambs.  Sometimes sweet feed is given in place of oats for moms and their lambs depending on the time of year it is.  

Our flock is vaccinated annually against Clostridium perfringens, and also tetanus (CD&T) to insure a healthy flock.  They are also treated for internal parasites until they have reached approximately six months of age and have built up their own natural inherited immunity which is only one of the desirable traits that characterize this particular breed of hair sheep.  This is also a good time to bring up the fact that our flock is the only flock of registered Barbados Blackbelly hair sheep in the United States to be certified free of scrapie disease, the equivalent of wasting disease in sheep. We were inspected annually by the United States Department of Agriculture and we adhere to their strict regulations regarding the handling of sheep. See a copy of our "USDA Certification" on this website.

Lone Star Farm | Barbados Blackbelly Sheep


We recommend Fisher Ham & Meat Company for local slaughter and packaging.  Their current rate is $75.00 which includes cut and wrapped in freezer paper.  For 20 cents extra per pound, they will vacuum wrap it for you.

For those of you interested in purchasing some of our stock either to raise meat lambs to sell, or for your own dinner table, I would like to recommend the Lamb Lover's Cookbook put out by the BBSAI.  This is a cookbook like no other, dedicated to delicious recipes exclusively written for lamb dishes with American and many ethnic backgrounds.  It covers everything from barbeque to Boboti and oooh, those Sticky Dippy Lamb Chops.  Yum!  You might even try your hand at making some casing stuffed lamb sausage for breakfast or to use in your chili, but only after you have picked one of several sausage recipes included in the cookbook.  The price of the cookbook is $2.99 in the  Kindle Edition through   Bon appetit!