This is where we live.  Though it is very inviting, we are not in the house much, as we spend a good deal of time outside with the animals, or working in the yard. So, if you call, please leave a message if we don't answer.  We are usually here, just not in the house.  We do check phone messages often and we'll be happy to call you back to talk sheep. 

The ram lambs are then moved into the ram pasture up on the hill until they are about six months old, so we can feed them until they are old enough to move into the annex pasture next to the big rams.

Lone Star Farm | Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Our ewe lambs stay in the pond pasture until they are about six months old, then go into the pasture with the older ewes. 

This is our barn.  I know, I know, it sure is a fancy barn for sheep. That's because we built it originally for horses.  That didn't last long because my husband got bucked off his horse, went really high in the air, then came down head first onto his shoulder.  Broke it in five places and suffered with it for twenty years until he finally had a complete shoulder replacement done and is now good as new.


Our home in Hockley, TX.

At approximately one year of age, the ram lambs are moved into the big ram pasture with the older rams. 

We find it very relaxing to sit on the patio and watch the sheep graze, but that doesn't happen often.  There is always a lot to do on a farm and there are only two of us to do it.  We stay pretty busy as a result.

The barn has served us well, as this pasture is the one where we keep the ewes when they are ready to have their lambs.  They raise their lambs here until they are between two and three months of age.  At that time, we wean the lambs, the ewes go into a pasture on the back side of the barn so we can watch them for any signs of mastitis as they are drying up, and the lambs stay in the "pond" pasture until the ram lambs are old enough to be separated from the ewes lambs at about four months of age. We never leave the ram lambs with ewes of any age after they turn four months old.  They are very promiscuous and cannot be trusted.  

Our Farm

This is where we live and raise our sheep.