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Breeding Age Rams with Replacement Guarantee: $500

Our rams will be polled.  They will not have scurs, wattles, or any white markings on them and, of course, they are guaranteed to be fertile.  We can tell you from our own personal experiences that the initial investment in buying a good quality adult ram for breeding, may cost a little more than buying a ram lamb. However, in the long run it won't cost you the money or time you may waste by buying a ram lamb that has to be replaced because he didn't grow up to be the quality you were expecting to get to breed to your good ewes. After all, didn't you purchase the ram for the purpose of improving your flock?  Please see our Ram Policy for details about our replacement guarantee.

Ewes with Replacement Guarantee: $400

At Lone Star we consider ewes to be breed-able at about one year of age.  We have found that this works best for us.  If a ewe is bred at one year of age, or even later for some, she is close to being physically developed and her pregnancy will not deplete her of the vitamins and nutrients that she may still need for her own body.  If we follow this rule, we are more assured of being blessed with a healthy lamb, or two, or sometimes even three, and a happy ewe who is not fretting.  Fretting ewes are nerve-wracking, especially for a first-time buyer. 

We do not allow breeding stock ewe lambs to go to their new homes until they are at least three months old. They must have time to nurse and grow with mom, get their vaccinations, be dewormed, be weaned, be eating well on their own and gaining, and adjusted to being without mom to be able to thrive in their new environment and to reach the ideal of their genetic potential.  We have found that it takes a minimum of three months to reach that stage of development.

Though adult Blackbellies are very tolerant of parasites, (yes, tolerant, not resistant), young lambs should be dewormed, or you may lose them to a heavy infestation.  We deworm our lambs at 3 weeks, 7 weeks and 11 weeks routinely.  By about 6 months, lambs should not be dewormed unless it is necessary.  We determine whether it is necessary by using the FAMACHA method.  By the age of 6 months, they have developed some tolerance to intestinal parasites and they are not dewormed unless we see an indication that they need it. To this date, we have rarely had to deworm after the 6 month mark, if they are rotated on pastures.  If you don't have the room to rotate them on grass, then they will probably need to be checked for parasites four times a year, since we rarely get a freeze in winter to kill off the parasites in this area.  This routine may be adjusted for your particular area.  If the sheep can prosper in this environment, they can do well just about anywhere.

We give a CD&T vaccination (Clostridium Perfringens Types C & D and Tetanus Toxoid) at about 7 and 11 weeks, then once a year we give a one shot booster of the CD&T.

Depending on how far they will be traveling to their new homes and how many hours they will be on the road makes a big difference in the life of a lamb.  All those things create stress for a lamb.  We want your lambs to have a good start and we want you to be successful in your endeavors with your sheep.  Let's give each of you the best beginning, by waiting until they are 12 weeks old before you take them home.


Wethers (castrated ram lambs): $200

This category includes market lambs, lambs for pets or lambs purchased for herding training.  Bottle-fed lambs may cost more because of the amount of time it takes to feed and care for them.  These wethers will not be dog-broke for herding, as they trust the Livestock Guardian Dogs they live with to protect them.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your sheep.  The balance is due at the time of pick up, or before the animals are shipped, which shall be within 30 days unless arrangements have been made in advance.  If we are sold out of livestock, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit for you to be included on our waiting list. The deposit will be applied to your purchase.  When the lambs are born, we will require that you pay the 50% deposit to reserve your sheep.  If your animals will be leaving the state of Texas, they will need a health certificate.  Our veterinarian's normal fee is $90 for the farm call and $40 for a health certificate for one or multiple animals.  You may need further tests such as brucella ovis (ELISA) for rams over six months of age.  That usually runs about $20.  Please note:  You are required to pick up your sheep within thirty days from the time we contact you and tell you they are ready.  At the end of the thirty days, if you have not picked up your sheep, we will begin to charge you board.  That will amount to $100 per week for pellets, lamb bloom, hay, mineral block and the labor of caring for them.   We have limited pastures and pens for breeding, so once your sheep are ready they will be occupying space we need for other animals.  If they are interfering with space we need to accommodate breeding groups, your sheep will be sold and your 50% deposit will be forfeited.  

Your state entry requirements are what determine the tests your sheep will need.  We will take care of finding out which tests are needed and having all tests performed for you, but the responsibility for the cost of these tests belongs to the buyer and must be paid before the sheep leave our farm.

There has never been a case of scrapie disease in Barbados Blackbelly sheep.  However, some states are now requiring that each sheep crossing their borders, be Codon 171 tested and have at least one "R" in the test result to be transported across their state lines.  To date, ours is the only flock of registered Barbados Blackbelly sheep in the United States that has been certified scrapie-free since 2005 by the United States Department of Agriculture.  You may view our certificate on this website.

As an added bonus, if you are not yet a member of the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International (BBSAI), when you purchase a starter flock from us, we will provide a complimentary one-year Regular Membership.

Our Guarantee:

All Lone Star registered breeding stock are guaranteed healthy and they are guaranteed to produce lambs, provided they are properly cared for, or they will be replaced.  

We do not guarantee our sheep against OPP (Ovine Progressive Pneumonia).  We have a closed flock and have not introduced any new animals into our flock since April of 2014.  Though our animals have never shown any symptoms of the disease, they have not been tested.  However, we cannot guarantee that our sheep are free of the disease, as they may be carriers.  We recommend that buyers learn more about OPP before introducing new animals into your flocks.  You have 72 hours from the time the sheep leave our farm to have them checked by a licensed veterinarian. 

We want you to be happy with the sheep you purchase from us, as we believe the best advertisement is a compliment passed on by a satisfied customer. Each sheep is registered with the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International (BBSAI) and a signed Certificate of Registry accompanies each sheep, along with a four generation pedigree.  You will also receive each individual animal's Codon 171 DNA report certified by Gene Check, Inc. in Greeley, Colorado for scrapie disease resistance. 

Please understand that ewes and the ram have been grouped together as a starter flock, so that you may have as much genetic diversity as possible.  If an animal should need to be replaced, we will do our best to replace it with similar genetics. Refer to our "Ram Policy" page for additional guarantees on our rams. 

We have twenty-one years experience in raising Barbados Blackbelly sheep and offer support seven days a week to help you in your encounters with your own flock.  Just pick up the phone and call us or email with your questions.  We are always happy to help you whenever we can.


We can recommend responsible animal transporters if needed, but transportation costs are always the responsibility of the buyer.

Prices are subject to change without notice. 


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